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How To Make A Gun Shot Sound (SFX On Unity 3D)

When it comes to audio in Unity, there are four components:
Audio Clip, Audio Source, Audio Listener, and Audio Re-verb Zone.

Audio Clips are the actual audio file imported into your game. Unity supports file formats: .aif, .wav, .mp3, and .ogg. When imported, you can compress them greatly, with the price of loosing some quality. You can do this by first selecting the audio clip, view it in the inspector. Under the Audio Importer component, you can switch the audio format from Native to the audio clip, to a compressed format applied by Unity. You can change how compressed the file is by dragging the bar at the bottom, then hitting apply.

You can get plenty of free good SFX from a site called All you have to do is create an account forfree, and download all the sounds you want. I found a nice gun shot sound here. Simply download and load into your Project.

Audio Source actually plays the audio clip in your scene. They are an component, so it must be attached to a game obje…

making a gun- blender 2.57

Blender obviously gives you all the tools you need to make a gun, so this shall be a tutorial on how to make one

How To Sync Up Unity Projects

Want to work on the same Unity Project over multiple computers? Even have multiple people work on one project all at once? Well theirs a free easy method that works!

Step 1:
Go to Make an account and download their soft ware. You have 2GB of space for free! It's not much to expand on that either, but I've yet to run across any space issues.

Step 2:
Open up Unity. Go to file>New Project. Under project location, Browse, and create a new folder under your dropbox folder. Make that where your project lies.

Step 3:
Go share! You can install dropbox at any computer and log in with your account. Your assets will be loaded into the dropbox folder. To open you Unity project from dropbox, simply go to file>open project, then find the folder that contains your unity project and hit open. You can also log into your dropbox account, and send other drop box users an invitation to share your folder, you have to know their email. When they accept their drop box will now co…