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Blender Normals

In the previous post, in order to fix the model, I had to switch the normals.  Understanding what a normal is helps you understand how to fix future problems you may have with your model.  So, what is a normal?

Debug Rays =D

I use them for looking at what enemies are looking or aiming at. Since it's Debug it only shows up in the scene view and not in your actual game play. They  can be very useful sometimes. Here's an example of what they look like. The red lines are the debug rays.

Exporting Blender models to Unity 3D

Your models won't be much use unless you can export them to Unity.  This will be a continuation to the previous post, so overall this is the model making, exporting, and debugging process.

PT Boat overview

This will just be a brief overview on how I made this patrol torpedo boat for the game.  There won't really be any other pictures, just steps and tips.

Loading Project Assets Through A Script (dynamically)

To do so, you first need to start by creating a new folder and naming it "Resources"

You put whatever you want to load in the script in the folder, textures, prefabs, all that stuff.

So if you want to Instantiate a prefab, you would simply put this in the code.

var boat : GameObject = (Resources.Load("Boat"));
Instantiate(boat, location, rotation);

Simple right?

If you want to get something out of a folder in the resources folder you just say:
var smallBoat : GameObject = (Resources.Load("folder name/Small Boat"));

Ta da. Easy.

Read more at Unity's scripting Reference here

How To Make Your Game Cartoon Like

Making your game have out lines like Legend Of Zelda, The Wind Waker, or any other cartoon like game, is easy to achieve. Just with any material you use in your game objects, you set its type to Toon. Like below

Coloring Icons Using Fuzy Select (Magic Tool) [GIMP 2.6]

Okay, so this will be the second way to do icons , and this method requires much less layers.  We will be using the fuzzy select, and if you don't know how to use it, then I hope this helps. 

Icons Using GIMP 2.6

In this tutorial,  I'll be switching from 3D modeling and such to 2 dimensional aspects such as icons which alone can make a game seem more appealing and also more interesting.  I'll be using GIMP 2.6, a completely free photo manipulation and drawing software.  You can download here.  GIMP comes in many different languages, which makes it so awesome.   Okay, on to the icons!

Google Sketch Up

It's free.

Ha ha. Link to download is here. It's a 3-D modeling software. Pretty cool. But like most 3-D software you need to find a guide to learn how it works. Google already has plenty of nice tutorial videos. Within an hour a knew enough to get started. It's very simple and easy to learn. A link to the list of tutorials here. There models work with Unity. You have to export them as a 3D model. Default file format is the extension .dae. Heres something I came up with in 5 minutes playing around with:

Question about a component?

There is alot in Unity to learn. So the makers of Unity decided to be awesome and put full explanations of what each component does. When ever your in question of what something does. Just click the question mark in the top right corned of the component in the inspector pane.