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Animation Basics on Blender 2.57; Walking Cycle

Now for animation.  And I want to apologize for constantly changing the models I use for tutorials, I don't really have an excuse, I'll try to make this the last time I do it.  For this introduction to animation I'll be using a honey badger model, already rigged.  So, on that note, let us begin.
Truth be told, basic animations are not all that hard to accomplish as long as you know what to and not to select.  In order to start animating, click on the armature and go into pose mode, here you can edit the position of each armature and the vertices assigned to them freely.  Animation in Blender is based on and made simplified by a key frame system, making the animation process easy and the finished product smooth.  Now to actually conducting an animation.
Although you can manually put in keyframes, I prefer using the automatic keyframe setting, which can be enabled by selecting the two buttons which are circled in blue.  Now when you edit a frame, a key frame will be added.