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Making a character model Blender 2.57 Part one

New tutorial on another way on making a character.  For reference, I'll be doing this from right-ortho perspective, which you can switch to by pressing 3 on a numberpad, or if you have an emulated numberpad, the 3 on the number row.

So, you start out with your basic cube, go into edit mode and subdivide it.  Press Z to change it to wireframe mode and select the bottom half and the quarter to the right and delete it.  You should be left with a rectangular prism with a missing bottom and side.  You can fix this by selecting two adjacent edges then pressing F which will join the two edges together with a face, or you can leave it hollow.

The next part is mirroring the object.  Select the object and go to modifiers.  Since I'm doing the object from right-ortho, I will make it so it mirrors on the y axis, and y axis only.  Under options, check merge, clippings, and vertex groups.  This makes sure that the object mirrors correctly and also while you are modeling it doesn't make …