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How To Make a Hellish Looking Sky Box

I came across this problem while constructing my scene of Hell in a little project I've been working on, and could not find a reasonable sky box on the web for what I want. Maybe I was not looking hard enough, but I ended up making nice substitute.
If you think the sky box looks familiar, then your right. The Sky box I'm using is already packaged with Unity3D! To import the sky boxes Unity has made for you,  simply go to Assets>Import Package>Skyboxes. The sky boxes will appear in your projects tab under a folder named "Standard Assets".

To make this sky box, first you must find the folder containing all the sky box materials and open it up. In it will be a list of sky boxes for your disposal. To get this skybox, I decided to tweak the "StarryNight Skybox" (But the "MoonShine Skybox" looks pretty cool also!).  Select the sky box and view it under the inspector tab. Underneath the properties there will be a tint color variable allowing you to…

How Do You Make a Skybox in Unity3D?

So we have a nice hellish looking scene in our Unity 3D game, and our default blue background really doesn't belong here

You can change the color of the background.. Or you could add a skybox for more detail and awe your players with the scenery.

An example of our Scene with a skybox:

So, you may be asking your self  "How do I Make a Skybox?"
Before I begin, Unity has already created many nice presets for everyone's use. You can simply go to  Assets>Import Package>Skyboxes. The skyboxes will appear in your projects tab under a folder named "Standard Assets".

So to begin with making your own Skybox, you should start out making a new material in your projects tab
Now change your new material's shader properties from diffuse to RenderFX>Skybox
You material should now show 6 slots(up, down, left, right, front and back) in which to put your textures in to build your skybox like so,
Now you simply apply all the textures your have into their correct…