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Showing posts from May, 2011

Let there be fire =D

Creating a mediocre fire effect on Unity 3D.

Start by clicking create>Particle System under the Hierarchy Pane.

Making Classes..

A dip into JavaScript.

Before I begin. var is a variable. You need to declare your variables before you start writing code so the code will execute properly. Declaring a function goes like this:

function Update(){
//Insert your code here....

First Blog...

Well, its going to be about creating games on Unity. I am relatively new to the interface and JavaScript. But I have gotten used to it through great tutorials and scripting references. I am going to be developing a simple (or at least at first.) video game, and keeping track of it on this blog here.

Unless your at least relatively familial with Unity, you might want to watch all the tutorials (Yes I know its alot) to understand exactly what I am talking about.