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Importing Models and Animation From Blender

NOTE - If nothing is showing up in your preview section, then you have exported the model wrong. Remember you need to have selected in Blender what to be exported. If you have done this, try reversing the faces in the model and re exporting.

So after you have your model from Blender rigged, animated, and exported, you can bring it in to the unity editor. Scale factor is by default 0.01, to change that, try looking at this link
Anyways, your going to want to drag you model to your scene and adjust the scale factor till you have the desired size (scale factor 1 is rarely what you ever want it, its huge).
To start defining your animation, click the + button that's highlighted purple in the picture. You'll get something like this where you can name your animation, define starting and ending frames, and wrap mode. Remember back when you were making the animation for your model? you had to define frames and you had a certain amount of frames in your overall animation? It's so…