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Making Images in GIMP Part Two

In the previous post about making images in GIMP, I went over the process of creating the composition and creating clean line art.  In this next part I will explain the steps I go through in coloring my picture, including flats, foreground, background, extra detail, and lighting.

And let us continue!

The next thing I did after making the line art was add a new layer on screen mode and filled it with an orangish-brown color.  This will tie the piece together in the end by giving all the colors a similar hue while they still pertain to their individuality.  The opacity of the screen is about 52% so that it's not too overwhelming.  Along with this I have brought down the line art layers to 80% opacity to give it a softer effect.
Here you can clearly tell the palette I have chosen for this piece, it's going to be filled with earthy tones.  The flat colors for the foreground are fairly basic and cooperate with each other.  Don't be afraid to take your time, make sure that it i…