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Optimization Tip #1 - Windows As Textures

A lot of games back before the super consoles of PS3 or the XBox 360, companies had to go to extra lengths to save on faces to boost the performance. Technology throughout the past 10 years has grown tremendously advanced for such a short period of time. We are though, still not to the point of having the ability to run the graphics of a PS3's prestige on an everyday tablet and not have major issues. All developers have to optimize their games of course, especially those who are developing for android or IOS. One way everyone has seen is UV mapping entire buildings with a texture. Doors and windows are flat and look like some one cut pictures out of a magazine and glued them on a cardboard box as part of an art project.

Now I'm not denouncing the method, its actually kind of crazy to think of trying to model a building in crazy detail. A lot of what makes a realistic looking model is the detail of the texture, instead of the complexity of the it's mesh. Big games like Cal…

Making Images in GIMP Part One

This is a little off our usual topic, but still an important factor for games.  When you walk into a game store and you're looking for no game in particular except for one that looks cool, you can't judge it off of game play, you have to go by the cover (and the description on the back of a game).  And so, I shall show you the basics of making an image in GIMP.

NOTE OF WARNING:  GIMP was not made primarily as a drawing tool, it was made for image manipulation, so while it has many of the same features that Photoshop has, it does not have everything.